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3-13-2017 Video of Spring Turn for 2017 and Mass Media Article on Daylight Savings Time Being Dumb, Dangerous, and Costly
March 13, 2017 02:12 PM PDT
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3-13-2017 Spring Turn Witness Video:

Article on Daylight Savings Time Being Dumb, Dangerous, and Costly:

Nutrimedical - Jim Fetzer
March 01, 2017 10:28 AM PST
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Savage Nation - 2-28-2017
March 01, 2017 09:54 AM PST
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The Savage Nation - 2-24-2017
February 27, 2017 12:01 PM PST
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A View From Space with Gary Bell 2-25-2017
February 27, 2017 12:00 PM PST
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Texe - The Serpents in our Midst—Watch Where You Walk--Their Venom is Poisonous and Their Bite is Deadly
February 20, 2017 03:35 PM PST
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February 19, 2017 12:02 PM PST
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In the past week, several radio show hosts; Rick Wiles, Alex Jones, Spaceman, Texe Marrs, Michael Savage, Dr Deagle, along with several headlines, popped up talking about serpents, temples, and satanic pizzagate/pedophilia.

We have not seen a surge in these topics over at least ten years. Its probably happened before, but we were not aware then.

We did several shows on the satanic ritual child abuse organizations like the CIA, Universities, Child "Protection" Services, the UN, and NATO involvement. Today its all becoming mainstream.

This guy has disappeared since his expose on Pizzagate. His websites are gone and he will not respond to communications. Friends of his will not respond either. Even Bill Murray tweeted asking about what has happened to him since his re-opening of the Pizzagate ring in D.C. In the reports we did and in some of the radio shows this week we have heard, all those coming out against the deep state pedophilia are eliminated or their voices snuffed.


Texe Marrs did a show this week on the serpents and temples they build. Take a listen. I have uploaded it as well.

Here are some links that came up this week and some research I did on the temples Texe spoke of.

Good pics and info from wiki on the Georgie Temple


Here he is risen as a god with the virgin goddesses

Between the Georgie temple and Athena, I never knew either existed in this nation until Texe talked about them on his program this week on Power of Prophecy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parthenon_(Nashville)

They have a plan. They rule for now and they have a lot of power. Can you imagine building these things at the time when they did so!? We were never taught anything about these temples. Until this week I had no idea.

Why in 1942 did they finally decide to light the candle or the capstone on the top of the Georgie temple? What was so significant about 1942? World war two was raging….https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1942

They just keep doing it…..

New World Order Forming Under Pagan Temple of Ba’al Arch? - Breaking Israel News | Latest News. Biblical Perspective.

This is an older article but it came up in the headlines again today as well….


What’s the deal with snakes and temples this week???

Worshipers defy Thai police at Buddhist temple | Reuters

Lastly, if you consider what Spaceman has to say in this show, I agree, we are still be played by satan. Sometimes there is a black hat Pres and sometimes there is a white hat Pres of the US or of any other nation. This time the Trump is on US..... Just as ole Georgie Washington "in the beginning." People keep calling Trump Hitler, nope, I believe he is FDR for the next world war and its time to rally the people, not only in the US but EuropA as well.

Shalom shalom

Great Babylonian Show - The Identity of End Time Babylon - A View From Space with Gary Bell
January 30, 2017 07:59 AM PST
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This show pretty much sums up our discovery and witness over the past 20 plus years.

Every WORD MUST and WILL/IS being fulfilled………….

The fat lady hasn’t sung yet. She just might be warming up with doe ray mis though…….

If our belief is true, there must be a situation set up for a second Exodus, something most of us want to ignore in our belief of His Word. Not until His people cry out as in Egypt, will this train of trumps on us, end.

Shalom and may we be found worthy to escape! To our Fathers Witnessing Glory and Our King's!!!

James McCanny Science Hour on The Ancients and Their Civilizations
November 24, 2016 06:30 AM PST
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In our research of over 20 years, we came to much of the same conclusions. By the force of the evil of this world and The Word, along with many other books…only a fool would say there is no God and He is not of the Scriptures.

The Righteous Alliance: Who Rules The World? The Origin Of Evil : Ancient Mythology Or Occult Reality? Part One. http://righteousalliance.blogspot.ca/2009/07/who-rules-worldthe-origin-of-evil.html

Here’s the article that led me to the work above. Obviously, as a man he had his issues and the sin killed him. If believe if he had not opened the door, the Law says none could have touched him. Sure poison killed him but adultery is what allowed the fall. A must read

The Masonic Murder of Philip Jones - http://henrymakow.com/2016/11/masonic-murder-of-philip-jones.html

Nothing is a coincidence in this world. Including this show and our witness, with the above articles.

The SAVAGE Nation - “To All Those Snot Nosed Losers, The Sheeeee Witch From Hell,” and ESPECIALLY the Deplorables…
November 09, 2016 06:18 PM PST
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“To All Those Snot Nosed Losers, The Sheeeee Witch From Hell,” and ESPECIALLY the Deplorables… Be Careful what you here and believe. There is only one King and the WHOLE world is a STAGE…. Take a breath with the “trump” card of a judgment and or curse and observe with discernment to our end, whatever that will be. The test is of our own blood, who will and who will not stand for others………. Nothing is about us but it is at the same time. Of Course GODS hand is involved. HE controls GOOD AND EVIL for a BLESSING OR CURSE every second of every day…… The BIGGEST question of life is how will we live?

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