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Paradigm Shift - Who's to Blame?
July 01, 2015 12:08 PM PDT
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What's The Problem With The World Today?

If we are thinking other than ourselves we've gone too far.

Paradigm Shift Presents - A View From Space with Gary Bell 6-28-2015
June 28, 2015 08:31 AM PDT
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Paradigm Shift Presents - A View From Space with Gary Bell 6-20-2015 -- The Third Temple
June 24, 2015 12:03 PM PDT
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Paradigm Shift - Worlds In Collision Part 23
June 26, 2015 12:00 PM PDT
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Paradigm Shift - Worlds In Collision Part 22
June 24, 2015 12:00 PM PDT
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Paradigm Shift - Worlds In Collision Part 21
June 22, 2015 08:25 AM PDT
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Here’s a short vid on the magnetic pole movements:
5 Truths About Earth's Magnetic Reversal

Our weather certainly is different. For 3 years we have very little snow, about half to a third, with warmer winters. We have instead received mass amounts of rain in spring and consistently throughout the summer and into fall. We keep saying if this keeps up we will look like the pacific northwest. Men contemplate our area becoming more like central America if the pole goes to Siberia. Alaska is having another year of heat wave, accompanied with the lowest snowfall on record this past winter, while the NE US is experiencing record cold and snowy winters, to the other extreme, CA is in extreme drought and Texas and Oklahoma need their own arks to get to work. About 4 years ago, the flow of moisture from the sw to our area and across the country stopped for the most part and all our moisture is coming up from the Gulf. Also, Britain is experiencing frost, not to mention the destruction going on in many other nations around the globe at the same time.

The bottom-line, there is no consistency in the patterns of earths weather and geo events. It’s as the ancients warned before and after the first Exodus, there is a blending of seasons as one of the first signs they testify to when Abba changes the earth and Heavens. The second worldwide known event was the waters turning red. The rest of the plagues of the Exodus are all testified to by peoples around the globe. Please read Worlds in Collision and listen to folks like Dr James McCanny, Dr. Deagle, Rick Wiles, and Leon

Some say the change in the Gulf flow is because of the oil and chemicals dispersed in the Gulf to put out the Oil Rig fire. Some say all the weather is weather warfare on the US citizenry. If so, what about the extreme changing weather events that are now the norm across the globe, still increasing year to year? What about the earthquakes and volcanoes? I keep wondering how much power “they” actually have or is their power all an illusion designed to prepare the way for the anti-messiah amongst the birth pains of the coming of Yashuah our King? Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!? Not to mention it looks like as men become more violent so responds the system, just as The Word declares.

The Rabbis are going headlong to rebuild the temple, to again substitute Yashuah for animals. This week’s space man is a must listen! Here’s a recent 76 year old (13) “mystic” Rabbi’s voodoo Rabbi Receives Heavenly Messages in the Cave of Elijah the Prophet- Israel News

From the headlines, I can witness to yearly uptick in earth activity in frequency and ferocity. With the passing of each turn, the sun seems to uptick and fire CMEs our way. In between each turn, the sun calms. If the data is true, CMEs seem to add energy for volcanoes more so than earthquakes and Coronal holes seem to ring earth like a bell and cause earthquakes more so than volcanoes.

Earth itself seems to have earthspots as the sun has sunspots and they are interconnected. Earth spots form as storms and typically are associated with earthquakes and sometimes volcanic eruptions along the path of the earthspot/storm that’s connected to the upper Ionosphere, like one of those glass globes you put your hand too and the electric current comes to your hands. This is an interesting article that could be related…. Villagers fear earthquake gods still angry after blue lights appear over Mount Kinabalu | Weird | News | Daily Express

The CME’s with another larger one today

Its interesting to contemplate the wobble pushing and pulling elector-magnetic movement of the earth in relation to the sun. The movement of the pole. The possibility the magfield is weakening. The sun being less active towards earth, much like the Maunder minimum, Velikovsky, works like Gil Broussard, and Our Abba’s Feasts, with His PASSover, Exodus, and subsequent FALL Feasts.

May we and ours be found worthy to be saved out in Yashuahs Name unto the Glory of our Abba in the Heaven of Heavens. Yahs cycles, not Jewish Feasts or any other feasts of man for that matter, His Feasts, are definitely a time piece for the whole world having the heart, Yahsuah, and Mind of Yashuah, Torah, will have the eyes and ears of to WITNESS the end of this age and the return of our King! Wanna know what time it is, get on His Timing. His Cycles of His Appointments for all things and the coming of our King! Yahs time is time and everything else is a delusion.

Paradigm Shift - Worlds in Collision Part 20
June 18, 2015 05:29 PM PDT
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Paradigm Shift - Worlds in Collision Part 19
June 18, 2015 04:14 PM PDT
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Paradigm Shift - Worlds in Collission Part 18
June 18, 2015 01:19 PM PDT
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Paradigm Shift - Worlds in Collision Part 17
June 13, 2015 08:05 AM PDT
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